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Features you get

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    Chat room

    Communicate with colleagues and chat with friends using the application. You can create an integration with other platforms or choose a premium service – a self-hosted chat within the apps.

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    Use the map, mark and share your geolocation. Tell us more - complete your geolocation with an image and accompany it with text. This will make it easier for your customers to find you, and you will never get lost in the shuffle.

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    Need to schedule a work meeting or an important business call? Plan your work and personal schedule, create any events and reminders. It is also possible to create several events, add essential images and links. Planning has become as convenient as possible!

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    Tell people more about your business – a blog is the most reliable and effective way to communicate with your customers. Share the author's point of view and give the readers and customers a platform for discussion within one application.

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    Customers' opinions are important to business development. Take advantage of general and individual analytics. See a full picture or analyze each customer's response separately. Add interactivity – learn more and engage customers into your business.

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    To-do list

    Competent organization of things is very important for running a business, so you have the opportunity to create your own to-do list. Do not lose anything in the routine of your business and move faster towards your goals with the to-do list on our platform.

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    You can provide links to your resources or specific videos. Also, you can post a link to a video conference. Since individuals from all over the globe will be able to join, a visual display of your conference will undoubtedly increase its efficiency as well as optimize it on a global scale.

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    In the application, you may attach any image. Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to examine your portfolio or any images you provide. This may function as a repository for all of your works, which you can access at any time and from any location.

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    This is the section that will allow you to speak more about your company, its management, and its staff. Providing precise facts about your company's culture can help you stand out from the crowd and gain market exclusivity. After all, corporate values are crucial for potential users or consumers!


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