Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am not a technician. Can I make a mobile app on my own? Our no-code app builder is designed only for non-technical specialists to build apps without writing a single word of code. You don’t need any programming experience, which helps reduce the shortage of IT staff that many. Module allows business owners to develop mobile programs without involving IT specialists, which reduces the burden on IT departments and saves expensive resources. An easy-to-use and well-thought-out interface will assist You in swiftly navigating and launching the app production process.
  • Does Module Really Not Require Any Coding? Module is a no-code app builder designed for non-professional developers and requires neither hand-written code or knowledge and experience in the IT industry. Based on the visual programming language, you can develop both Android and iOS programs without coding. Declarative platform UI describes what you see as the final product, not the succession of achieving it. Our company offers you the best opportunity to create programs with an intuitive interface, multiple features, templates, and pre-set builder blocks in a few easy clicks.
  • What Types Of Applications Can Be Built With Module? Module's app builder lets you create any customized business application. A wide range of businesses can use the app builder, including service companies, influencers, non-profits, educational institutions, designers, and most small businesses. With our features, you will be able to reach new organizational levels of your company.
  • What do I need to get started? Start by specifying your business objectives and future product concept. To turn your idea into reality, though, you must have a clear conception before building programs without code. Determine company objectives, stakeholders, and your target customer or user segment to specify the functionality and design of your future mobile program. Then choose a secure and reliable Module, no-code app builder and best-fitting subscription plan fully corresponding to your needs. We offer lucrative plans starting at only €7. Now that is an investment anyone can make without breaking their bank. Remember, our platform gives a great free 7-day trial opportunity to try yourself in the role of no-code developer. Working on the platform, you can identify processes to be automated and optimized; build web apps without code to modernize existing work processes; customize programs to your needs and requirements, and create corporate programs.
  • How Much Time Does It Take To Develop My App? With the increasing speed of business digitalization, developers are looking for ways to improve productivity and build programs faster. Our no-code platform reduces the development time by half or even more. If you already came up with the program's idea, determined its targeted user segment, and defined your business objectives, with Module, you could easily build apps with no code in a few hours thanks to the multitude of ready-made blocks and features, such as models, photos, templates, and others. The creation of your product may take a bit longer if you want to explore the builder specifics and endless customization options. Anyway, the process of program design is significantly sped up compared to traditional coding.
  • What Are The Main Steps For App Creation Without Code? There are seven key steps to building a no-code app with Module builder. Primarily decide the concept of your program's idea and goal, followed by choosing Module builder as the best tool for the project realization. After that, start with creating a create logo, colors, and fonts to brand your digital product. The next step is to design a unique visual DNA for your digital product. Next, develop its functionality and test it with a real-time preview tool. Finally, publish your new program to the App Store or Google Play Store once it's finished. All made easy with Module builder!
  • What Is The Right Way For App Designing? You don't need to know any code or sketch anything. Our no-code app builder includes many visual themes. Module helps create the mobile application fast and easy with many color themes, and beautiful designs, tailored to your own professional or personal needs. Our company adheres to the color harmony rule and you'll end up with a visually unique design. You may also select any top-notch images from our partner Pixabay to personalize and brand your no-code program in just minutes. As a result, you receive a stylish and competitive product ready to be realized on Google Play or App Store.
  • How Can I Test My Mobile App? We built a real-time builder emulator that displays your program in preview mode. You don't need to manually test if your mobile application works properly across all devices and Android and iOS versions. Because our emulator runs faster than manual tests, you will achieve faster build and test execution times. Simply configure your program and our advanced emulator will test its features, designs, templates, and more, to ensure a successful final product. Ultimately, when you're satisfied with your prototype, our team will help with the release of the mobile app.
  • Can I Create An App And Publish It Only On Google Play Store? Module was purposefully designed to feasibly build mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms at the same time. You have the option of selecting both or just one of them. So, our customer can easily release a no-code program exclusively on Google Play Store or App Store. With us, you have total control over the place and time of your app publication. In our blog article, we discussed the overall process of app publishing on both digital distribution service platforms.
  • Is It Possible To Change My App After Its Release? With just a few clicks, Module will help you turn your idea into reality. You can start modifying and changing your app whenever you want and as often as you need. Most of the updates are instantly pushed to everyone who has your app installed on their phone. You will always be up-to-date with all the latest features and visual designs. If you change the vector of your activity, it will be very simple to transform the app to meet it. Module allows you to adapt your program quickly, have a wide range of usage scenarios, and be the first to receive our new templates, color themes, and functions.
  • How Can a Mobile App Help a Business? Times have indeed changed. Now any business starts adapting to all the latest technological advances. The success of any marketing campaign is to attract the attention of the client. Developing a mobile app can help a company win a new audience, increase the loyalty of an existing one, and create an internationally unique service. Programs allow you to address customer questions, inform them about the discounts or offers, provide a platform to interact directly with the company, and offer services the way they want. Mobile programs make customer service easier and more efficient for businesses. With our no-code app builder, you can create your own digital product with minimal costs, as you or your employees can build a program for iOS and Android at the same time.
  • How My Small Business Can Benefit From Mobile Apps? A mobile app for the business, regardless of size, may provide its owner with a competitive advantage. Many small businesses start a program created to fulfill the demands of their clients. They are well ahead in the business marketing game. You need a program distinguishing your company from rivals while also increasing service customer's satisfaction. Having your product on the phone of your consumer helps you to engage with them more frequently, improving professional interactions. As a result, the program may serve as a direct marketing channel, expanding your client reach. A mobile program can be a key element of your brand awareness campaign. Its features, design, style, and logo are significant, but the most crucial aspect is the utility it provides to the user. Creating a utility digital product that has relevant aesthetics attracts customers. As a result, they are more likely to purchase the product or service that the company is marketing. Developing a mobile program for a firm or a small business might be difficult, but not with Module no-code app builder.
  • What digital platforms may Module link to and integrate with? It's never been easier to fully automate the social media marketing strategy! Module offers pre-built integrations within different third-party platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The links you share make it more convenient for your customers to engage with your content and find out about you. Such efficient collaborations with other platforms help to increase your brand reach and awareness through the user networks. Thanks to integrations, you can become more adaptable and global, making business development easier.
  • What are the steps to creating an app?
    The first step to creating an app is to register. Afterwards, you'll be taken to the app builder. Making an app is as simple as following these 7 steps:
    1. App name. Please name the app (you can change it later)
    2. Design. You can choose a design theme or corporate colors. We recommend design themes, because all colors are carefully selected and fit the button colors, frames, and text.
    3. Features. You can activate one or all of the features, depending on what best suits your goals. Please add any contact information, text, and picture links you need. Remember, you can test it immediately at our real-time emulator.
    4. Settings.Firebase settings allow you to give your apps more power.
    5. Testing.It is important to test mobile apps before releasing them on the market for your own smartphone.
    6. Publishing. We have guides, tutorials that will help you launch your product.
    7. Analytics. You can check the analytics sector after you launch the app and get your first installs.
  • How can I unsubscribe? You can unsubscribe with one click. To unsubscribe, go to your billing center and click the unsubscribe button.
  • Can I change my subscription? Subscriptions can be changed at any time. When you change your subscription, payment will be provided at the same time. For example, if you are switching from a "Base" to a "Services" subscription. Choosing a new subscription will require you to pay 18 euros
  • What will happen with an account when the trial period is finished? If the payments are not provided, your account will be blocked. The first payment will automatically unblock the account. There is no need to worry, all your information will be saved. As soon as the account has been unblocked, you may continue working on the app builder.
  • What can I use during the trial period? You will be able to choose which trial you would like to try: Base or Services. Choosing "Base" you will get the following available features: blog, video, to-do, calendar, gallery, forum, chat, cloud, survey, SMM, e-book, map, live chat, and conference. By selecting "Services", you will receive the following features: List of services, News and promotions, Employee info, Booking, and About company. Choose the one that is more suitable for your business!
  • Is your website safe? According to the security provisions, our website is safe. For more information, please visit the security page.
  • What would happen to my app if Module stopped functioning? We need the Module no-code app builder to instill confidence in our clients when they build on it. Therefore, our team intends to be active for a very long time. Even if for some reason we are forced to stop doing business, we promise to release Module software under an open-source license so that you may start your own server and keep running your no-code mobile program. We will always be on your side.