Meet our team

Every member of our team was meticulously recruited. And now we are working nonstop to create a high-quality product for you. We are all individuals with active and forward-thinking life visions. Module is what connects and completes us. Hours of our time were spent developing this unique platform, which is open to anyone.

  • AnnaZiubina
    Anna Ziubina

    The idea of limitless professional progress delights me. Leading our team to success as a professional is really essential to me. The most inspirational aspect of my job is not just setting great goals for our team, but also turning them into reality.

  • VladKysilevskyi
    Vlad Kisilevskiy

    Meeting challenges and creating innovations are what I really love. My job allows me to do what I really like and grow personally simultaneously.

  • AlexandraKalinichenko
    Alexandra Kalinichenko
    Head of product marketing

    It is both a challenge and a passion for me to combine sales & marketing. Creating a complex picture of a product’s future, its value, and market solutions via marketing is what really excites me.

  • DmitriyPashko
    Dmitriy Pashko
    Front-end developer, CTO

    I like non trivial tasks and teamwork. Also, I like the fact that my profession is multifaceted and touches on many different areas, so I can constantly develop professionally as well as personally.

  • OleksandraKlymenko
    Oleksandra Klymenko
    SMM specialist

    I like to create something innovative and improve my skills. Global products give me many opportunities for professional growth

  • KristinaSeredenko
    Kristina Seredenko

    I love taking part in brainstorms with the team. The best part of my job is testing our ideas in action.