Our Mission

At Module, our mission is to empower everyone, especially non-technical people, to make high-quality mobile apps and achieve far more than success. Our platform serves as a tool for the realization of your ideas. We assist you in hitting new heights in your business. We are the ones making mobile app development accessible and allowing businesses previously deprived of this opportunity to become market leaders and inseparable pieces of the digital world. Module is working for your success.

Our mission
Our values are:
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    Running a business on a mobile phone saves you time, boosts your company's mobility and productivity, allows for borderless contact with your employees and customers, and lowers costs dramatically.

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    Our greatest pride and delight are our team, partners, and, obviously, our customers. Each of you is a powerful motivator for us to improve and flourish.If no one else believes in you as much as you do, we will be the first to do so!

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    With Module, IT technologies and innovations are more accessible. We provide opportunities for individual entrepreneurs as well as small and medium-sized businesses to avoid unnecessary expenses and wasted time while developing mobile apps.

History of our company

For a few recent years, the economies of literally every country on earth have been affected by the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Small and midsize enterprises are the ones suffering the most. The vast majority of business sectors have either stopped their activities or just arranged their work remotely. Unfortunately, not all companies have been ready to face the need for abrupt digitalization. The development price of a native app is, on average, about ten thousand dollars. All cost aspects depend on the degree of complexity, the team’s proficiency, time deadlines, desirable objectives, and other factors. Because not every company has an unlimited budget, the global demand for no-code platforms has increased by 41% in the last three years. This is the main reason why we decided to create opportunities to develop mobile apps for nearly every business. We are a group of young startuppers with big ambitions and high hopes. We fight for small and medium-sized businesses, their success, and their outstanding results.

We are proud of

Every member of our team was meticulously recruited. And now we are working nonstop to create a high-quality product for you. We are all individuals with active and forward-thinking life visions. Module is what connects and completes us.


We stand up for accessibility and opportunities for everyone. Our builder platform perfectly reflects this concept. Everyone gets a chance to succeed with Module.


We give integration options within your favorite platforms, beginning with different messengers and finishing with our partner Pixabay. Such efficient collaborations and partnerships strengthen the businesses of our clients as well as make them more adaptable and global.


Power comes from knowledge. And we will be the ones to spread it. Module is establishing mobile app development courses for students and junior specialists. Our idea is to produce a new generation of young professionals, open to new ideas and trends.


No-code is not a single written code for you to have to learn. There is no written code for you to need to master. It is an innovative alternative to traditional programming, operating on the constructor concept. In all honesty, it is really only a no-code process.


Module sees potential in all small and medium-sized enterprises. That is why we stand by them and assist them in moving forward toward a brighter future. Remember, many great businesses began in garages.